2 Marimekko's In Good Company

I'm not really sure why I haven't posted about Marimekko's In Good Company Line.  It is fantastic.


e. said...
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e. said...


You know there's a sushi restaurant in Helsinki that uses the Marimekko In Good Company dishes. They're kept in open wooden shelves against a black wall & are heaps of envy! The restaurant interior, designed by Eliisa Korpijärvi, combines black & white and looks completely delicious too!

(Site unfortunaly only in Finnish http://www.sushibar.fi.)

I have the spotted plate, and besides eating sushi, it's great sized for a little nib of salad & pie or a nice filled ciabatta!

Even though I'm still unsure how I like the actual shape of the dishes I love the illustration by Maija Louekari.


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