4 I Opened the Door!

I have now lived in my apartment for 8 months, and today I accidentally figured out how to open the second door to my balcony...my living room feels twice as big now.  I'm so excited!

In my defense, the lock/handles on these doors are very strange. I tried to open the second door right after I moved it, but it wouldn't budge.  I thought maybe it was a fixed door, or um something....I don't know I guess I never really thought about it again.

Don't judge...I'm having a blonde day.  Earlier I went to work without my purse that actually contained my wallet.


Jenny said...

Looks lovely! I'm glad I found your blog... you know why? My living room is black-white-and-yellow :). I buy a lot of second-hand and make things myself. My blog is in Finnish, though, but there are a lot of pics, and more yellow to come :)!

Jessica said...

Ahh, thanks fantastic Jenny...I look forward to checking out your blog!

The Momma said...

Let it be a lesson to the architecture student. Good design should not be at the expense of function and intuitive usability.

travel notes said...


I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and have gone through your whole archive :D

What has inspired me to comment is that beautiful hourglass in the right hand photograph - do you mind telling me where it's from?

I've searched high and low (I'm in the UK) for a stylish sandtimer that doesn't look like it's just been ripped off a pirate ship!

I'd like one with white sand to stand alongside my Seletti half hour glass with charcoal sand.

Hope you can help, and keep up the inspiring posts :)

Cath aka embrouillamini


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