2 New Items from Ferm Living

Dear Friends and Family,
My birthday is a mere three weeks away and all I WANT THIS BLANKET!!!
It isn't available quite yet...but I am hoping that it will be any day now. Please check here to see if it is.
{I also wouldn't mind having a knitted yellow pouf or a set of these awesome candle holders...just saying.}

Thank you,


michelle b @ every little thing inspired said...

hi there,
just popped by to see your blog and love the knitted balls.

where are they from?

Amy said...

I love that blanket too. I think it's the subliminal reason why I ordered that Nate Berkus chevron throw from a site that shall not be named. It's not nearly as cool, but it it's a good placeholder until that Ferm Living blanket is available.


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