4 NOLA Street Art

A few weeks ago I decided I had to photograph this awesome street art before the grey ghost paints over them or they are covered by vegetation.   I see the pink girl all the time on my way home and I was so excited to find the black, white, and yellow girls just off Magazine Street...although I have many photographs of New Orleans, I really want to start some comprehensive documentation this spring.  This city is so amazing, I feel like after living here for almost 10 years I really should have a record of my experiences.


Unknown said...

I love those! I went on a trip to NOLA in november and I REALLY wanted to find some good street art, but we were only there for 2 days (and one day was a wedding)...we didn't get to make it much past the french quarter and jackson sq :( maybe next time

YHBHS said...

love your site!

take a look at mine. i think we have som similar intersts!

in los angeles too.

david john


AppleTree said...

so cool. Minneapolis so vanilla compared to NOLA. But I love it anyway. Go VIkes!

Dante' said...

i extremely approve of this post!


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