2 Leather Feather Headband!!

I have to give a big shout out to Ez of Creature Comforts this morning...here is why:

Every since I posted about these headbands back in November, I haven't stopped thinking about them.  However, I just couldn't justify $24 plus shipping for a headband, no matter how great it is.  After Christmas I seriously thought about splurging, but they had sold out of the brown one, which is the one I really wanted. 

Then, this morning I see Ez's fantastic post on Black and White and Naturally Patterned, which is awesome enough in itself...but it has a link to Thief and Bandit's Etsy Shop, which I had no idea even existed; where my headband is not only in stock, but cheaper, and has free shipping! Wohoo!

So thanks Ez!  I can't wait to wear this headband...it is going to be PERFECT for my Muses costume during Mardi Gras, which is just around the corner! Yay!

I am way excited for this early on a Wednesday morning....


Jessie M said...

First, I'm totally jealous that you're marching in Muses (with that headband, no less). Second -- I stumbled upon these black and white chevron notecards (with yellow envelopes!) and figured I'd better pass them along. Enjoy!


Jessica said...

OMG....those are perfection!! Thank you!!


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