3 Imaginary Friends {Joe Zee}

It has been so long since I have done an Imaginary Friend post...what can I say, I am picky about my friends.

Joe Zee, Creative Director of Elle, who is currently on the MTV show The City {I know, it is embarrassing but I LOVE both The Hills and The City. I am not even kidding.} and he was a featured guest on an episode of Oprah from last week on fashion gurus. He is adorable, and obviously has a fantastic sense of style {although he does have a somewhat skewed view of that awful girl Olivia...but I digress.} I think it would fun to be friends with him...and he could style me too...that would be good.

You can follow Joe on Twitter here...I mean that is kinda like being friends with him right? {Or stalking, whatever.}


Anonymous said...

Hello! Well i'm not saying that i'm friends with joe at all (not even close) but a few years ago while i was living in new york, Joe was in my dance class at equinox gym. I always admired him for always being the only male in the class. And i wouldn't say he was the best dancer, but you could tell he brought some attitude with his hip hop :) just thought you'd like to know a little more about your imaginary friend.

Jessica said...

That is fantastic. I would never have imagined him doing hip hop. That vision makes me quite happy...thank you.

kribss said...

oh thank god someone else thinks his view of olivia is not quite right!


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