1 Inspiration Sunday...

Forgive me if I have posted these images before and for not having sources {Domino is a likely candidate for most of them.} I have been going through my inspiration files looking for things I might want to do in my new apartment.
{1} I love this room. Especially the rug. Also, I am contemplating adding tall bookshelves on each side of the tv to have a place to display all my books and prized possessions.
{2} I love the way this art is hung. And I happen to have a large collection of bulldog clips. This also reminds me that I really want to start drawing again.
{3} I always come back to this image. Although the chalkboard paint has been done all over the place, I really would like to incorporate it somewhere.
{4} I need that chaise. I also like the lamp and the art wall.

1 comment:

Tommy said...

GREAT pictures, as always. I don't know if I've seen them here before, but who cares? :) I love those bulldog clips and definitely think you should draw again...then post pictures.


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