4 Black, White, and Yellow Finds

I also got an email from Kristina that included some of her favorite black, white, and yellow finds. My favorites were these vintage dishes. Thanks for sharing!
By the way, I have only recently discovered these Cathrineholm bowls...and I am obsessed. I feel a new collection coming on.


Ms K said...

It's actually Cathrineholm. It's the name of a factory/town in Norway, not that of a woman named Catherine.
I did some research online recently as I love those bowl too...

Jessica said...

Lol, good to know. Thanks.


they are fabulous. I have a few different kinds that I love. They get pricey though.

You should also check out the Arabia Kaj Franck enamel bowls. KILLER.

Jessica said...

I noticed that you had some pieces- and that they are kind a pricey.I will have to check out the other bowls...thanks!

Oh wait, is that what this is?


Because I think this bowl is perfection...but again comes with a hefty price tag.


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