3 Awesome House

I know you have already seen this awesome house, but I just had to have it here for my records...and for the record, I am obsessed with outdoor showers.


bevskid1 said...

Hello Sunshine,
I have to go off topic, but compelled to share.

I wanted to replace my Blueprint magazine collection (since I'd either cut them up for inspiration or given them away) and just spent days on eBay purchasing most of them only to learn from someone's blog that there is a back issue service number where I just ordered all 8 for $20 bucks - including the shipping!

Yay, I will have these bound and saved forever. If you are interested the number is 877.747.1050.

Should have had the presence of mind to ask if they published Domino, but hey, it's early still and I am not completely coherent yet.


coral said...

I love the white walls/ black doors on the interior, one of my favorite looks. It's great with that light wood floor, too.


i love this house.

I'd also love an outdoor shower - but I doubt my neighbors would...


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