2 Shopkeeper Vintage Paper Pack

Shopkeeper Vintage Paper Pack from Hidden Library...If you had given me something like this when I was little, I would have peed my pants in excitement. I'm not going to lie...it still excites me. Sometimes at work, when I need a little reprieve, I go stand in the supply closet at marvel at the fact that I have access to anything I want. It is an especially good day when one of the old people have cleaned out their office and there are vintage goodies in there. {This is where Kelli got my fantastic vintage radio.}


The Hidden Library said...

Ahh! I was cruising through my favorite blogs and lo and behold look whose photos are there...thanks so much for doing a post on my paper pack! I love vintage office supplies and could probably open my own version of Staples c/o 1956... ;)

Thanks again!

Natalie said...

love these! my mum used to make me job boxes for me when i was a child. there was a library box, a travel agent box, a retail store box - all had items to match each profession. how i would have loved to have these in there!


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