5 {The Great Sofa Search} Ikea Karlstad

Ok, next on the option list is the Ikea Karlstad {which I would get in sivik dark gray}. As Lane pointed out, it is a more affordable version on the Room and Board Jasper. Other than the legs {I think I would get the metal option, the wooden ones are too chunky} it really looks very similar. I'm a little concerned that it wouldn't be as comfortable, but all the reviews that I have read have been good. I won't be positive what my actual budget is until I get my yearly bonus, so for now we will keep this high on the list. Incidentally, this is the same couch that Anna from Door Sixteen has...the second pic is her lovely living room.


Anonymous said...

We've got the Karlstad sofa in grey with metal legs, and we really like it. We're college students, and so a R&B sofa wasn't an option, but I feel like our couch looks just as fashionable and modern as a more expensive one. One nice feature since we don't have a guest room, is that the couch is totally serviceable as an extra bed, because the seat cushions lay flat and the back cushions can be removed.

One thing about this couch: it is made of less expensive materials, as you would guess. While it is totally sturdy and the cushions are still comfortable after a year and half, it has started to creak a little when you sit down too hard, and the felt-like fabric is showing a few pills (I think a sweater shaver or something would get rid of them, and anyways a new sofa cover is pretty cheap at Ikea).

You can see some pictures of the couch on my (sadly neglected) blog if you're interested. :)

Newburgh Restoration said...

I was just about to say Anna has this couch

Lanne said...

I had to come and flick back through the posts and see how the sofa hunt was going..

My husband could not see that an Ikea sofa was going to be comfy and several friends have said.. but it looks so hard! However.. it isn't! We all agree.. it is comfy.. once you sit on it. Having slept on it more than once in the last month it is my preferred spot in the house.

I have an ikea sofa in the media room for clients, and it is not comfortable like this one!. We have the grey cover but I am hoping they release some other fabric in July/August and I will buy a spare cover.

Hope you find one you like :)

Olive said...

Ikea shows that the Karlstad sofa has an under frame for an additional $150.00 ... we have the loveseat which is comfy ... if this sofa should have this under frame added ... then the price just went way up ... any body know about this?

Anonymous said...

The under frame is for deco rational purposes only, as for the durability it has a 10 year warranty on the cushions and the frame


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