3 Eero Aarnio's Home

Finish Designer Eero Aarnio's home is so lovely. I am really a sucker for cube storage, which is featured throughout this house. I would love to be in that first room today, curled up reading a book.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. I, too, am fanatic about cube storage and want to figure out how to build a similar shelf myself. I love the look of this room, but don't think I could ever take in on. I can't do minimalism. I just have too much stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
Sorry to go off topic, but did u catch this blurb about Domino?


Jessica said...

Yes, unfortunately I did. I haven't blogged about it, because I just don't want to believe it is true. I know I am not alone on this one, but magazines like domino and blueprint really make me so happy. I enjoy carefully going over each page, tearing out inspirational pages, and researching more about designers/products featured. The magazines that we are left with, I find much less inspiring. This is a sad thing indeed.


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