1 Things That Are Making Me Happy Today

These napkins {except the price- I think this could be a DIY project} + This Clock

My Christmas Party Outfit {This isn't exactly it, but I unintentionally bought the Gap's designated "Work Christmas Party" Outfit. I am wearing the skirt with the navy blue version of that top (although I have the white one too) and a J Crew grey cardigan, with peep toe black heels, black bangles, and I haven't decided which bag.} If my boobs weren't so big, I would have gotten this one. {It was super cute and otherwise super flattering}. I wish I were wearing These Earmuffs {that I am going to try to knit myself}.

This Bubble Calendar...I know, I know, no more calendars.

I have always loved library cards, so I love this this Library Kit. Also, I am obsessed with this table.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what a BRILLIANT IDEA!! where can we get one?


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