2 Thanskgiving in Los Angeles {The Farm Stand and Wicked}

I just realized I never posted my pics from Thanksgiving in Los Angeles:

We ate a restraunt I had never tried before: The Farm Stand...it was delicious and the atmosphere was nice {modern yet cozy}. I liked the pumpkin raviolis and ginger lemonade the best. {How cute is my family?}

We also saw Wicked at the Pantages Theater...both the show and the theater were awesome!


Brandie said...

I bought my Mom tickets to see Wicked at the Pantages as her Christmas gift. I've been to the theater and it's amazing - glad to hear that the show is too! Happy Holidays!

oh, hello friend. said...

so fun!! aw you were so near to me! haha, i saw wicked at the pantages a few weeks ago! it's so amazing! ;)


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