2 Best in Show Ribbon {ETSY}

The Sunday Project sells these fantastic Best in Show ribbons on Etsy. There is even one in black, white, and yellow! I have had a slight affinity ever since I saw an image of a bedroom wall covered in show ribbons {I think it was in Domino, but I can't find it any where.}
Found via : Creature Comforts


Chantel said...

Was this the photo you saw?


This Is Glamorous credits the photo as seen on Design Is Mine and was taken by Francine Zaslow.

I like the ribbons you found better than the old horse show ribbons. I'm not a fan of pastels; the ribbons on The Sunday Project are much brighter.

Jessica said...

No, thanks though. I saw those when I was searching, but the image I'm thinking of had brighter ribbons, I think on a wall behind a bed. I prefer the bright colors better too.

I'll look through my inspiration books tonight, I'm almost positive it's in there.


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