2 Staycation with the Lulu

The Lulu and I had lots of fun while she was is New Orleans this week. It was actually like a little staycation for me, which I really enjoyed. We explored the city: shopping on Magazine, the French Market, playing in the Quarter, eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde, visited the Aquarium and the Insectarium (more to come on this one) saw an IMAX movie, visited a cemetery, and spent the night at the W.

We ate lunch and had Pimm's Cups at Napoleon House {one of my favorite places in the city}. Lu is a mostly vegetarian {more mostly that I am} but she couldn't resist eating a salami poor boy. I tried to document this, but she hid the evidence under her napkin, and then got upset because I wouldn't let her eat it in peace. Tehehe...


Jessica said...


I did not make up staycation, but I like it:

Also, both poor boy and po-boy are correct. The menu at Napoleon House specifically says poor boy. And Michael Carboni calls them poor boys, so I decided to go that route.

Brit said...

aww thats sad and hilarious! i hope she visits more!!


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