4 Apartment Therapy Spring Cure {Week 1 Accomplishments}

I just purchased a very expensive item...a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner!! {Unfortunately, mine is the blue version, instead of the yellow, but I decided I couldn't wait to order the yellow one.} I was nervous about this purchase, because they are so expensive. But I just vacuumed our whole house, and you would not believe the amount of grossness that it sucked up. {I love that the canister is clear, so you can see it working...} I am fighting a nasty sinus infection, loosing all that dirt and dust has to help...

Other Accomplishments:
-Thoroughly cleaned the kitchen {dishes, countertops, refrigerator, and floor}
-Got rid of an item: a great bamboo curtain that doesn't fit any of our windows
-Did an amazing amount of laundry
-Made a great discovery regarding the curtain for the kitchen {more to come...}
-Freshened up the landing strip by adding a new organizer tray
-Found some fun "objects..."

So no pretty pictures this week...but some great advancements in the house...

I will be in Nashville celebrating with my good friend Dawn, so that is it for my Cure this week...have a good weekend!


kelli said...

I am SO jealous!!!! You think I could test drive?

scb said...

The yellow Dyson looks fantabulous on your blog. Congratulations!

I'm saving up for a purple Dyson (the Animal). I can hardly wait!!!

Alana in Canada said...

Wonderful work!

Jessica said...

Thanks, I am so excited. I actually want to vacuum now!

and yes Kelli, we might be able to arrange a supervised test drive :)


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