4 Apartment Therapy Cure {Bathroom Project}

In the Fall Cure, I covered a new switch plate with paper. It was nice, but the paper was looking a bit worn, and I thought I needed to take it up a notch. Here was my process:

Step 1. Trace the switch plate onto the paper and cut out the openings.
Step 2. Affix the paper to the switch plate with rubber cement
Step 3. I used a yellow Ikea Nyttja picture frame to liven things up a bit.
Step 4. Screw back to the wall.
Step 5. Decide I need to take this project to the next level; refuse to let the bf come into the bathroom to shower, so I can finish the project.
Step 6. Cut cork to fit around frame.
Step 7. Attach to wall with rubber cement and tacks.
Step 8. Admire


Anonymous said...

thats hott! i've never seen a switch plate so celebrated!

Brit said...

that is awesome ... your awesome!

Alana in Canada said...

Um, I would say you've taken it up more than just a "notch."

Jessica said...

Thanks guys! I have been so excited to flip the switch since I did this...


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