2 Cure To Do List Revisted

Ok, since I got nothing done this week, and will likely get nearly nothing done this week, let's revisit the original To-Do List to determine what is left to do in the next two weeks...

Living Room:
-Hem Curtains - Complete
-Paint Side Table - Purchased paint
-New Couch Cover - Postponed until December mini-Cure
-New Coffee Table - Postponed until December mini-Cure
-Freshen Art over couch/new objects for cubes
-Hang mirror - Complete
-Create Bar Area - In Progress
-Frame and hang Poster - Complete
-More art
-Freshen Landing Strip - Complete
-New flat screen TV and entertainment center - Postponed until December mini-Cure

My Bathroom:
-Paint - Purchased Paint and then decided not to paint
-New Shower Curtain - I have yet to find the perfect shower curtain, so this activity may remain incomplete...
-New Rug - Complete
-New Accessories - Complete
-Hang Shelf - Complete
-Hook/Art Project - Complete

-Remove outbox items left over from Spring Cure - Complete
-Purge unused pillows on futon - Complete
-Get/Make a Headboard - I think I'm going to not pass on this for now
-Paint - Complete
-New Bedskirt - Complete
-Bed table- fix existing or get new- I decided the table was ok as-is
-Improve lighting - Complete
-New curtains - Complete
-Get rid of the last outdoor chair that is inside - Complete


zooza said...

That's an impressive list - you've got lots done. Good luck for finishing the final bits!

Alana in Canada said...

Yes, good for you. I have unfortunately lost my notebook that had every single little thing cure-related in it, so I haven't a clue what I've done that was on the list and what I haven't. You've done very well.


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