2 Apartment Therapy Cure Week 3 Accomplishments

Week 3 Accomplishments

Landing Strip:

Part 1 Before on the left, After on the right (top row)
-Cleaned tray that holds watches, laundry quarters, gum and lipgloss
-Created and framed new art
-Switched out vases
-Added clips to existing hooks for outgoing mail, lists, and notes
-Added a second row of hooks so I now have room for my reusable shopping bags in addition to my purse

Part 2 (left pic second row)
-Purged catalogs and magazines
This area didn't really change, I just wanted to show my whole landing strip, since it is in two parts. Catalogs go in the file on the left, magazines on the right. The mini files below hold coupons and receipts in the top drawer, bills and letters in the middle, and pages torn from the magazines in the bottom (later I trim them and put them into plastic sleeves that go into the inspiration binders).

-Cleaned adjacent front door inside and out
-New rug for inside front door (old rug moved to kitchen sink area)

-Found fantastic duvet cover (that will become curtains) and pillowcases (it was fate... see post below)

-Cleaned the walls and decided against painting
-Cleaned the floors and decided against changing them
-New switchplate covered with graphic paper

-New flowers
-Purged jewelery box
-Purged perfume collection
-Purged lipgloss collection (yes, there were enough to be purged...please don't ask as this activity actually made me cry...)
-New dish soap dispenser at part of AT Kitchen Bottle Ban
-Lots of laundry and dishes and trash taken care of as usual...


Alana in Canada said...

Love your flikr art. And that area looks much more substantial and solid now. Well done.

You got a lot accomplished. Seemingly little things add up to a gracious stylish space. I'm impressed. You do have terrific style.

Unknown said...

I really like how the speed opener (which I will assume is in the foyer of your home only because of your boyfriend's job) has it's very own hook.


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